Gumax sidebar sub-menus not appearing

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Gumax sidebar sub-menus not appearing

Postby enkeirc5 » March 4th, 2013, 3:06 pm


I'm not too educated when it comes to web design and MediaWiki. The horizontal bar Gumax skins work great for me - EXCEPT - when I edit the MediaWiki:Sidebar menu, the sub-menus never appear. For example, the *Navigation menu has several sub-menus which appear on the TOP (special feature of the horizontal menu skin). They work great. But the other menus (such as Toolbox, Language and Search) do not show their respective links. So, I can see "Toolbox" "Language" and "Search", but they're just text. There's nothing I can click on. Nothing underneath them. I switch skins back to standard MediaWiki skins, and I can see the sub-items.

I'm using Xampp with my MediaWiki. It's installed on my root under the Xampp folder. (C:\Xampp\htdocs\companywiki\skins).

Can anyone help?
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