GuMax 3.2.1 in MW 1.19 (Skin::makeGlobalVariablesScript)

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GuMax 3.2.1 in MW 1.19 (Skin::makeGlobalVariablesScript)

Postby Sachant » December 22nd, 2011, 2:00 am

Hi Paul,

GuMax 3.2.1 in MediaWiki 1.19 gives the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Skin::makeGlobalVariablesScript() in /home/content/wiki/skins/GuMax.php on line 90

The line in question is:
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<?php print Skin::makeGlobalVariablesScript( $this->data ); ?>

From what I've found, makeGlobalVariablesScript was removed after 1.17. Is there something else I can put in there to get around this?

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Re: GuMax 3.2.1 in MW 1.19 (Skin::makeGlobalVariablesScript)

Postby Paul » December 23rd, 2011, 9:52 am

Yep, new wiki keeps messing up core function, and keeps breaking all skins as well.

Try replace the line with this:
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<?php wfRunHooks( 'MakeGlobalVariablesScript', array( $this->data ) ); ?>

Test all your extensions to see if they are still working...
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